Holy Trinity Church Old Wolverton
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The church is run by the Parochial Church Council - more fondly known as the PCC - in conjunction with the Rector and Churchwardens.

The PCC is a committee of church members who are responsible for various aspects of church life  The PCC meet 6 times a year for normal business with extra meeting being called where necessary

The members are elected for a term of 1 and  3 years, normally at the Church Annual Parochial Meeting (APM). Decisions may to allocated to the Standing Committee if urgent. This is made up of the Rector, the Churchwardens, the Treasurer and one member of the PCC.

Current members of the PCC are:

Rev’d Gill Barrow-Jones (Rector)

Grahame Cowley (Churchwarden)

Ian Watson (Churchwarden, Secretary and Deanery Synod representative)

Matthew Grace (Treasurer)

Roger Wythe (Deanery Synod Representative)

John Brushe

Donna Kyomukama

Ann Leedale

Peter Leedale

Kate Willett