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These Church and Community pages capture the vibrancy of the Wolverton Benefice as a family in  faith active within Wolverton and working with the wider community in and around Wolverton.

Though there are two distinctly different churches in Saint George the Martyr (StG) and Holy Trinity (HT), all activities are seen as part of the Benefice offering across a different styles and approaches to being witness to the Gospel in action in Wolverton. You can also visit the individual churches from these pages to find out more about about the churches themselves, the people involved, the history and the parts of the benefice that they serve.

Together we aim to be a church where people feel free and able to come in. We love God and desire to serve God in a way that meets the people where they are.  We aspire to be a real community of faith that can encompass the best ofold and new’ worship styles fully embracing and encouraging traditional sung and contemporary music in worship, providing a rich and dynamic base for spiritual growth together. The focus is on social support, on reaching families and young children as well as supporting and encouraging the resource that is our older people, whilst deepening and growing the faith and spirituality of our existing membership.

The recent parish survey indicated that the top 5 mission objectives are:

1. Outreach to local community

2. Developing family outreach and focus

3. Developing a community of faith

4. Developing children and youth focus

5. Developing prayer and worship