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Weekly Services Baptism Weddings Funerals
Weekly Services Baptism Weddings Funerals
Christening & Baptism
Home Services Church & Community Life Contacts

Children are treasured gifts to us and are cherished and loved by God.  Baptism, and as many call it, Christening is the beginning of a journey in love and faith. To christen a child is a way for parents to give thanks to God and to ask God to accept, love and protect their child.  It is also a commitment by parents and godparents along with the faithful community of the Church, to bring our children up in faith and love.     

We welcome parents to come and talk to us about baptism.  If you are interested in arranging a Christening or Baptism you will need to contact the Benefice  Administrator (see Contacts page)

More Information…  

To find out more about Baptism take a look at the Church of England website where there is a great deal of information available.

The Church of England: Baptism Service  

Also available is information on becoming a Godparent

The Church of England: Becoming a Godparent